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Laguna Canyon Area

Laguna Canyon or the "Laguna Greenbelt" has several preserves and miles of hiking trails.  A good trail map of the area can be found on the OCParks website at http://www.ocparks.com/uploadgraphics/laguna2008.pdf.  Pictured below are several areas you will find on this map but there is much more to see in the Laguna Greenbelt than you will find on these pages!  Click on any of the links below to see more pictures and information.

Crystal Cove 9-1-08-150.jpg
Crystal Cove State Park, Tresure Cove, 9/1/08

Crystal Cove State Park, Treasure Cove
Located near the Pelican Point Entrance to Crystal Cove State Beach.  Nice view of the beach from the bluffs, a "cave" formed in the rocks, interesting rock formations and beautiful bluffs.

Crystal Cove State Park
Crystal Cove 9-1-08-036.jpg
Crystal Cove, Reef Point, 9/1/08

Crystal Cove State Park, Reef Point
Bluff top trails with nice ocean views.  The Historical District is not too far from the Reef Point Entrance and parking lot.

El Morro Canyon 4-5-08-7.jpg
El Morro Canyon, 4/5/08

El Morro Canyon, Crystal Cove State Beach
Miles of trails, two hike in only campsites, a vistor center where you can get a lot of information about the area, includes trail maps, wildlife info and exhibits.  This is also referred to as the Crystal Cove State Beach Backcountry, some trails connect with the Willow Canyon area of Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

Laguna Coast Wilderness 4-5-08-20.jpg
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, 4/5/08

This page shows the Laurel Canyon Trail-Willow Canyon Loop, located South of the 73 off Laguna Canyon Rd. near El Toro Rd.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Nix Nature Center.jpg
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park & Nix Nature Center

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Sycamore Canyon & Nix Nature Center
A very nice interpretive center and miles of trails across the road from James Dilley Preserve which you can walk to using the trail/underpass beneath Laguna Canyon Road.  Located off Laguna Canyon Rd between the 73 and 405 freeways.

James Dilley Preserve
Barbaras Lake 10-4-08-195.jpg
Barbara's Lake

Barbara's Lake at James Dilley Preserve
Orange County's only natural lakes are found here in the Laguna Greenbelt.  We took the Woods End entrance and hiked in to the lake.  Miles of trails, three lakes of which Barbara's Lake is largest and has water all year.  Park in the James Dilley Parking lot or on the other side of Laguna Canyon Road at Nix Nature Center.


Cave Rock, 11/08/08
Aliso & Woods Canyon Wilderness Park

Aliso & Woods Canyon Wilderness Park
30 miles of trails used for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.  Here you will find two year round streams, caves, groves of trees and trails with a variety of difficulty levels.


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