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Holy Jim Falls

Holy Jim Falls, 3-15-08
Holy Jim Falls, 3/15/08


Click here to play a video of Holy Jims Falls on 3/15/08...(this will take a few minutes to load)

Holy Jim Falls is usually nice all year, even in dry seasons the canyon is a lush green.  The falls are best viewed in early spring or during the rainy season but beware, the creek can rise suddenly and become too swift for a safe crossing even in a vehicle. 

Wildlife we have found in this area include deer, salamander, crawfish, gopher snakes & rattlesnakes.  The creek is sometimes stocked with trout, many people go fishing in this area.

Multi-use trail for hiking and mountain biking.  650' elevation gain in about 1 mile.  
Click here for historical facts/information about things you will see along the hike.

Also click here to see the Waterfalls of Trubuco Canyon webpage.

Rattlesnake warning:  As in all open spaces they are found here!  Know about safety in rattlesnake country, see the  safety page for tips and a rattlesnake photo.

See more recent pics of Holy Jim, November 2010 at the link below:

Holy Jim Trail, 10-2-05
The beginning of Holy Jim Trail, just past the trail head, 10/2/05

A National Forest Adventure Pass is required to park.  This can usually be purchased at Big 5 stores or at the ranger station.  Day passes are $5.00.  1 year passes valid for Angeles, Los Padres and Cleveland National Forests can be purchased for $30.00.
To find a local retail store near you selling Forest Adventure Passes or order a pass online click here

December 2008 storms bring a lower than usual snowfall covering the Saddleback mountains,
click here to see pictures.  

Cascading pools along Holy Jim Creek, 10/2/05

To check on current conditions for this area, find maps or contact the Trubuco Ranger District click here:  US Forest Service, Cleveland National Forest Contact Info
Poison Oak is found in this area.  See the Safety Tips page. 

Holy Jim Trail, 3/15/08
Holy Jim Trail, 3/15/08

Creek flowing across the road, 10/2/05

Holy Jim Trail, 10-2-05
View from Holy Jim Trail going up the mountain, 10/2/05

Holy Jim Trail, 10-2-05
Holy Jim Trail, 10/2/05

Holy Jim Trail, 10-2-05
Sections of Holy Jim Trail, covered by trees, 10/2/05

Holy Jim Trail, 10-2-05
Holy Jim Trail, 10/2/05

Holy Jim Trail, creek crossing just past trail head, 10/2/05

Nearest campground:
O'Neill Regional Park

Interested in California Native Plants, the flora you see along a hike?  Check out the new native plant gallery on CAOpenspace Facebook page, includes links to detailed plant info: 

Hiking Blog, Nobody Hikes in LA, write up on Holy Jim:

Click here to see additional Holy Jim Trail pictures from our hike on 3/15/08. 

Click here for pictures of the trail continuing above Holy Jim to Main Divide and
Saddleback Mountain.

Directions from Orange or LA County. 
This one can be a little tricky if you haven't been here before so I'll give very detailed directions:
Take Chapman Ave (City of Orange) heading East which will turn into Santiago Rd (S18).  Turn Left onto Live Oak Canyon Rd at Cook's Corner (you most likely will see a lot of motorcycles parked here).  Just past Trubucco Canyon store and Rose Canyon Rd on the left will be a large dry creekbed. 
Here's the fun part:  turn left into the creekbed, don't mind the private road sign.  Follow this road for about 6 miles.  It will be very bumpy, a truck is recommended.  Don't try this in a car right after a rain, I sometimes have trouble in my truck and I've seen plenty of 4 wheel drives get stuck this year ('08)!  You will pass a model airplane...place, then a sign stating you are entering Cleveland National Forest.
At this point you will start to see running creeks and nice scenery.  There are several places you can stop along the way.  You will see make shift "damns" built by Holy Jim years ago to create fishing holes.  Once you start seeing these you are almost there.  You will pass the old historic "Holy Jim Volunteer Fire Station" on the left and cross a small bridge.  This is the end of the public part of the road, park here.  A parking National Forest Adventure Pass is required.  They do patrol here and you will get a ticket if you don't display a pass in your window. 
There is a map board in the parking area.  The road kind of "forks" here in 2 directions, both ways are just small access roads to private cabins, no public parking.  Walk up the road to the left.  You will pass a number of cabins for about the next half mile or so.  Just past the last cabin is the trail head.  From here it is about 1.5 miles to the falls.  When you are almost there you will see a sign pointing to the falls.  From this point you can also continue up the mountain to Santiago Peak if you are up to walking about 5 or so more miles.
For more details including very recent hiker's comments section and directions from the 5 fwy click here.
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