Dominguez Gap Wetlands, Long Beach CA

Looking down the trail at Dominguez Gap

Pond view near the trail head

Dominguez Gap Wetlands is a man made wetlands along the LA River for the purpose of ground water recharge.  This unique system works naturally using wetlands plants to cleanse the water before pumping it back into the ground.  Included is about a mile long trail for pedestrian, bike and equestrian use.  The banks are landscaped with California native plants and annual wildflowers.  Since opening in 2008 many birds, butterflies and other wildlife have moved in.  This walk is rated easy, but educational.  It would be great to have natural areas like this all along the Southern California urbanized rivers.  Now that would be a good trail system and maybe it could help solve the Southern California water crisis.  To learn more about this project and its benefits browse through the links at the end of the page.   

Views of the wetlands from the trail.  Water flows through a series of ponds planted with cattails and other wetlands plants that naturally filters out pollutants. 




One of the interpretive signs, click pics to enlarge




A few of the California Native Plants found at Dominguez Gap:

Purple Lupine and I believe Tidy Tips

Yellow Lupine, Blue Eyed Grass, California Poppy

Blue Eyed Grass and White Lupin

Common Yarrow (white) and Blue Eyed Grass

Hummingbird Sage


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