Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park CA


Ancapa Island is the smallest of the Channel Islands and nearest to shore, made up of mostly volcanic rock.  This is an important bird nesting spot.  Sealions are commonly found here.  Currently (as of July 2010) the island is closed for hiking and camping due to structural weakness of the long staircase from the dock to the island top.  However Frenchy's cove landings (watersports & tidepooling) and the Northshore Wildlife Cruise tours are still running.  The pictures on this page were taken July 5, 2010 on the morning wildlife tour.  It's an unusually cloudy and cold day.  Wildlife spotted on this tour:  Blue Shark (alongside the boat), a small pod of dolphins, numerous sealions and many seabirds.

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Frenchy's Cove



The now closed boat dock.

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